Why book MusiCultur....?

Our promise of quality for your choral trip:

For more than 30 years we call the choir world our home!

We know what choirs expect from their choral trip and guarantee:

  • flexible and customized choral trips, choir festivals and choir competitions and no ready-made offers
  • selected and attractive destinations and an appealing social program
  • choir festivals and choir competitions with concerts in front of an audience in attractive venues
  • personal and individual support and advice during the booking of your choral trip
  • personal support on site from a competent staff member during the event
  • english-speaking guide assistant throughout the stay
  • selected and centrally, respectively conveniently situated hotels
  • cultural exchange between choirs from all over the world and
  • upon request friendship concert with a local host choir

Take advantage of our years of experience when it comes to the organization and travel arrangement of choral trips and convince yourself of our offer !


MusiCultur Travel GmbH- For more than 30 years at home with the choir world

Interview of Chor.de with Marita Werres from MusiCultur Travel GmbH in Bonn, a specialist for choral trips, choir festivals and choir competitions.

Chor.de: Mrs Werres, you have organized choir tours for more than 30 years now.  What is so special about welcoming a choir?

MusiCultur: If choirs go on a trip then they are not just looking for an attractive destination. Of primary importance are the community experience and the joint singing, preferably in front of an audience and together with other choirs. The choirs would like to meet other choirs from all over the world to exchange experience and to share their love of music during joint concerts or take part in an international choir competition and compete against other choirs. We consider these special requests of the choirs in our choral travel programs. Upon request, we also organize additional concerts for example at a church as well as with local host choirs for a joint friendship concert and cultural exchange.

Through our many years of experience we know that choirs do not like ready- made offers, but they greatly appreciate an individual offer and personal support from the booking of their choral trip until they reach their destination. Our aim is to meet these requirements.    

Chor.de: MusiCultur Travel GmbH is not only a travel agency in the classical sense. You do not only offer trips to international choir competitions and choir festivals but also organize your own choir festivals and choir competitions. What kind of performances and competitions do you organize? At which different locations do you give the choirs the opportunity to sing in front of an audience?

MusiCultur: With support from the city of Antwerp and the Antwerp Tourism&Congress we are currently organizing the  International Choir Festival in Antwerp in Spring 2016 which takes place from 29 April to 02 May 2016. Antwerp, the largest city of Flanders with magnificent buildings from different eras offers interested choirs a variety of possibilities to present themselves in front of an audience and is also an ideal starting point for an excursion to historical cities such as Bruges, Gent or Brussels. Last year the audience in Antwerp was particularly enthusiastic about the festival concert at the baroque St. Carolus Borromeus Church.

In 2016 we will organize theInternational Children´s and Youth Choir Festival “Song & the City” in Berlin from 06 to 09 Oktober 2016 for the first time. The festival for children´s, youth and young adult choirs is aimed at choirs of all categories.  The festival program provides the attending choirs a festival concert, a friendship concert together with a local German host choir and a closing choir party.

Chor.de: Which venues are included in your program?

MusiCultur: Our festival program 2016 offers choral trips to the International Choir Competition Festival di Verona, Tuscany Music Festival in Montecatini Terme, International Choir Festival Alta Pusteria in South Tyrol, Italy, International Cantus Music and Culture Festival & Choir Festival "Meet Mozart"Salzburg, International Mountain Sing Festival in Wolfsberg, Carinthia  Austria, International Choir Festival Nice / Cote d´Azur, Pragua Cantat International Choral Festival and Competition and to theInternational Advent Singing Festival Vienna  as well as the already mentioned choir festival in Antwerp. For childrens´and youth choirs we have a special offer the International youth festival and competition "young2016bohemiaprague" (former: Young Prague) and the World Peace Choral Festival Vienna. For the next year 2016 we are planning a further festival in Bonn.

However, our offer does not only include choir festivals and choir competitions.
We also offer various attractive destinations with an appealing social program to choirs, who are only interested in an excursion either with or without an opportunity to perform or a rhearsal weekend.
Some of the destinations we offer are theLake Constance, Bonn, Budapest, Bled in Slovenia, Dresden, Würzburg, Riga and Dublin or for rehearsal the Lake Garda or Pienza in Tuscany.
Furthermore we tailor and plan trips according to the individual choir´s request, interest and choral requirement.

Chor.de:  You also select the panel of judges for the competitions. Who decides about winning or losing?

MusiCultur:  The jury at the competition consists of a panel of  internationally well-known experts of choral music.
On the basis of the quality of the performance the jury will divide choirs in three categories: gold - for an excellent performance, silver - for a very good performance and bronze – for a good performance. Based on our previous experience I can say that the performance of nearly all choirs was rewarded in the past years.
In any case choirs bring home unforgettable memories over an exciting event, a wonderful community experience or simply new friendships.

Chor.de: In preparation for the choral trip you offer a special service to choir directors and choir organizers for the travel planning. The orientation trips. What is it all about?

MusiCultur: As a special service to choir directors and choir organizers we offer orientation trips for the choir festivals in Vienna, Prague, Montecatini Terme and Verona. The organizers of the choirs have the opportunity to view the venue and location as well as to meet with the Festival organizers in advance. We would like to support the organization of the trip with this special offer.    

Chor.de: Which event was the greatest so far?

MusiCultur: The choir competition in Verona is very popular among our clients.
The annual Verona Choir Competition belongs to the cultural highlights of the music events in the province of Verona and also of the Associazione Gruppi Corali Veronesi. It has already been held for 25 years. This event has the largest number of international attending choirs as well as participants. On average, about 30 choirs attend this Festival di Verona with about 800-900 participans.
The International Vienna Advent Singing Festival is listed as number two among the most favorite events. The choirs love the "Christmas decorated" city of Vienna. Anyone who has experienced Vienna during the Advent season and who has performed at the festively decorated Town Hall in front of an audience, will gladly return. Many choirs have repeatedly attended the Vienna Advent Singing Festival and enjoyed the pre-Christmas atmosphere of this unique city.